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There are a variety of home loans we offer as listed below:
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer
  • Home Loan Top Up
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  • Home Extensions Loan
  • Home Renovation Loan
  • Home Construction Loan
  • Home Loans For Self Employed
  • Home loan for NRI's
  • Plot Loan/ Land Loan
EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is the sum payable to the loaning organization consistently, till the credit is paid up all required funds. It comprises of a part of the interest and principal.
You are qualified for a loan if you are an Indian native or a man of Indian Origin and are a salaried/independently employed proficient/a representative. Your loan qualification will be dictated by GRFPL based on proficient salary, age, qualification, number of wards, co-candidates pay, resources, liabilities, congruity of occupation, investment funds and earlier record. Further, the loan qualification will likewise be reliant on the estimation of property chose by you. To entitle for your home loan with GRFPL, you must be:
  • An Indian resident or NRI
  • Above 21 years of age at the commencement of the loan
  • Below 65 when the loan matures
  • Either salaried or self-employed
A co-candidate is/are the co-proprietors of the property which is being offered as guarantee/security to the credit. However, all co-candidates require not be co-proprietors. Co-candidates for the credit are generally spouse/wife, father/child, and so forth.
The interest rate starts from 8% onwards. Interest fluctuates as per the economic situations and financing costs are dynamic in nature. The interest on home loans in India is generally ascertained either on monthly reducing or yearly reducing the balance.
The fixed rate of interest means the rate of interest remains constant for the entire duration of the loan. This means you do not benefit even if home loan interest rates fluctuates in the market during the course of your loan.
In this situation, the rate of interest fluctuates in view of the market loaning rate. This implies you stand the danger of paying more than you planned for in case the loaning rate goes up.
Before full and last payment and the beginning of EMI, you pay a pre-EMI interest on the part of the loan dispensed to you. Pre-EMI interest is payable consistently from the date of every payment up to the date of initiation of the EMI.
This period option ranges generally from 5 to 30 years. GPRF offers loans from whose tenure ranges from 5 to 30 years.
Mostly, the property to be bought, itself turns into the security and is sold to the loaning organization till the whole credit is reimbursed. A few organizations may request extra security, for example, life insurance, FD receipts, and offer or funds declarations. GRFPL doesn't request securities. Securities will be asked by GRFPL in remarkable cases as it were.
GRFPL doesn’t require a Guarantor. You can have a co-applicant instead, while some other financial institutions do ask for 1 or 2 guarantors.
Loans can be applied earlier or after the choice of property. The loan amount is authorized on a basic level to tell purchasers what amount they can benefit from. This helps them to choose their financial plans. Actual payment is made after agreeable confirmation of every essential document.
It takes about 3-15 days based on proper documentation provided by the Home loan applicant
On an average, loans are dispensed within 3-15 days after complete documentation and completion of all procedures
Resident Indians are qualified for certain tax cuts on important and interest parts of a home loan under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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I agree that the online request, for disbursal of the loan facility, is subject to applicable rules and regulations (as amended up to date, from time to time) of the respective authorities, the current policies of Gharkool Realty Finserve Private Limited (herein after referred to as “GRFPL”) and any other applicable laws of land.

I concur that GRFPL, before disbursal of the credit office, will do a due perseverance, as required under the terms and states of the Loan Agreement and other statutory and administrative necessities.

I concur that after the disbursal, in consistence with the surviving administrative rules and terms of the Loan Agreement, I will present the past disbursal receipts and other pertinent reports at intermittent interims, as might be required and recommended by GRFPL.

I agree that, under normal circumstances, GRFPL has the liberty to revoke my disbursal request, at any time, if:

  • 1. There is any default occurred in terms of the Loan Agreement with respect to my loan account.
  • 2. There is any delay in the processing of online request.
  • 3. There is any mismatch in the details mentioned in the online disbursal form.
  • 4. There is a violation of any of the terms of the Loan Agreement by any borrower.

I concur that GRFPL may, at its sole caution, revise any of the administrations/offices given in the disbursal offices either completely or halfway whenever or potentially call upon me/us to visit the branch and place of demand by hand..

I concur that any adjustment in my record status or change of address will be promptly educated to GRFPL falling flat which I should be in charge of any non-receipt of correspondence/expectations or the same being conveyed at my given address.

I concur that all guidelines identifying with my disbursal will be issued to GRFPL according to worthy method of correspondence, for example, by Courier/RPAD/email to GRFPL.

I consent to protect the request note, installment receipts and other applicable documents precisely. If there should be an occurrence of misfortune/burglary of a similar I might quickly advise GRFPL in composing and might conform to important legitimate conventions according to the arrangements of law.

I concur that I should keep up and keep my loan account standard and upto date according to the terms of the Loan Agreement and other pertinent standards as endorsed by GRFPL every now and then.

I concur that I might be subject to pay all charges, expenses, interest, costs wherever appropriate, which GRFPL may require as for my disbursal ask for and the same might be recuperated by GRFPL as a feature of my loan sum.

I concur that I should not pay any sum in real money to as well as check/Demand Draft/Pay Order, for any workers and additionally Sales Representative of GRFPL anytime of time or potentially at the season of handling of my disbursal ask for or doing any related exchanges.

I consent to execute important compositions in the shape and way, as might be required by GRFPL, with a specific end goal to execute my online demand for disbursal.

I concur that GRFPL will send me correspondences/letters and so forth through dispatch/errand person/email or through some other mode at its carefulness and GRFPL should not be subject for any postponement emerging therefrom.I concur that GRFPL might not be obligated for any results emerging out of non-compliance by GRFPL of my guidelines because of any conflicting/deficient/inadequate data in the online disbursal ask for shape or because of any default in my advance record. I concur that continuous dishonour of cheques or other reimbursement instruments because of inadequate finances in my ledger may prompt stopping of disbursal.

I concur that in case of any disbursal, being over dispensed, at that point GRFPL maintains all authority to set off this over dispensed sum in the following dibursal of the credit office as well as call upon for discount of such extra sum from me/us and I should restore the said sum instantly with no dissent and dispute.

I concur that GRFPL should not be subject for any harms, misfortunes (immediate or backhanded) at all, because of disturbance or non accessibility of any of services/offices because of technical fault/mistake or any failure in telecommunication arrange or any blunder in any product or equipment system or any unauthorised access by any third party beyond the control of GRFPL.

I concur that GRFPL may reveal, in strict confidence, to different foundations, such Personal Information as might be sensibly fundamental for reasons comprehensive of:

  • 1. For participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network;
  • 2. In compliance with a legal directive;
  • 3. For credit rating by recognized credit rating agencies;
  • 4. For fraud prevention purposes;
  • 5. To credit information bureaus.

I give consent to GRFPL to update my Aadhaar number in its records, basis data received by it through any outside source/organizations, including government offices. I additionally offer to agree to GRFPL to uncover my Aadhaar number, and also other related data, not limited to the connected Loan Account Number, to outer institution(s) as well as administrative body/bodies and additionally statutory body/bodies or potentially some other specialist/s or potentially merchant/s contractors with whom GRFPL enters, or has entered into any arrangement, regarding giving of administrations/items.

Further, I concur that GRFPL may utilize Aadhaar based exchange or potentially confirmation instrument/system, either through biometric implies or some other means esteemed appropriate by GRFPL, as relevant and conceivable.

I offer to agree to GRFPL to disclose data gave in the Online Disbursal Request Form with the end goal of strategically pitching by Gharkool Realty Finserve Group (GRFPL Group) and some other promoting specialist/s and additionally contractual workers with whom GRFPL enters, or has entered into any arrangement, in connection with providing of services/items, including without restriction, strategically pitching of different financial products.